Welcome to Heart of God Apostolic Ministries

Heart of God Apostolic Ministries (HOGAM) is a ministry of restoration. This ministry does not compromise the principles of God, but we are the perfect church for people who are not perfect. This does not mean we are enablers, condone sin, nor agree with it. However, it does mean that we will help you walk through life and become all that God has for you. We want you to walk with us through life and be transformed. We think that’s what the church is all about.

We are a multi-ethnic and diverse ministry that strives to meet the present needs of its members and community. This commitment is conveyed spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically and economically. We seek to help individuals to discover their gifts, while moving into divine purpose for the perfecting of all mankind.  All of our work edifies the body of Christ that reinforces knowledge and unity of faith.  

Our ministry wholeheartedly embraces a corporate commitment to be a master soul winner, impacting our community. At our church, the gift of the Holy Spirit operates freely.  We welcome you to come and worship God with us.

 Food Pantry

If you would like to signup for our food pantry, click here. Also, if you would like to help with in the food pantry, click here